The Course of the RiverWEB SERIES - DOCUMENTARY

About This Project


Fondo Acción is a private Colombian fund with 20 years of experience in sustainable investments in the environment and childhood. The fund needed to communicate the impact that climate change has had on the communities that inhabit around six watersheds in the country and the processes they have undertaken to transform their territories.


The audiovisual know-how of the film unit and the expertise in short audiovisual formats of the digital team, came together to conceive The course of the river, a web series that builds an educational, playful and emotional journey through Colombia, from the Caribbean region to the Orinoquía, passing through the Cundiboyacense highlands, the Pacific coast and the borders of the Amazon.

Original Concept

Roberto Flores Prieto


Directed by

Esteban Vergara


Produced by

Claudia Arboleda


Photography & Editing

Esteban Vergara



Daniel Medina


Graphic Design

Sandra Consuegra

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Institutional & Corporate
Climate change, Sustainability, Web Series