Atlántico for the People

About This Project


The department of Atlántico has about 3 million inhabitants, spread over 23 municipalities.


The 2020-2023 administration, led by Governor Elsa Noguera, committed, since the beginning, to building an “Atlantic for the people”, and we took on the challenge of digitally expressing that mandate.


To achieve this, we created a unit that could respond to the demands of a tireless administration, helping to consolidate a bridge between citizens and the institution with a 24/7 response capacity.


Starting the process, we had to face something never before faced in the last century: a pandemic. In the face of the crisis and hand in hand with an articulated communications team, we brought information, education, optimism and hope to the population. Then, since the first wave, we are supporting health and giving clues for economic reactivation.


With an average of 400 contents per month, including graphics, animations, videos, lives and interactive content, carefully made, curated and amplified, we continue to build a digital Atlantic, by and for the people.

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