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Men of God is an anthology television series, selected at festivals in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Mykonos, Los Angeles and Panama City. Produced by Kymera Films for the Telecaribe channel, the series consists of six episodes full of intrigue, humor, drama and mystery, with first-rate technical and artistic talent.


The first challenge was to find the tone of the communication, finally expressed in two slogans: “a divine series” and “it would be a sin to miss it”. From there, we developed content thinking about the different audience segments of each network, consolidating an effective and entertaining strategy that generated conversation.


In addition to driving traffic to the main screen, on television, we created a website for the series where we released each of the episodes, accompanied by extra content, only available on digital platforms.


The advertising strategy was focused on the series’ own media, which allowed us to transcend the Caribbean region and conquer audiences in the rest of the country.


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